Summer Program

Home Away offers an academic and outdoor education program during summer months that includes reading, writing, and STEM activities, as well as trips to cultural institutions and natural destinations. 

Studies have shown that students regress scholastically over the summer months and can lose up to 2 months of reading skills. Our summer program builds on the school year with fun and interactive, disguised learning activities. Students confront their fears of the unknown as they hurtle down rapids for the first time or navigate a ropes course and they build lasting relationships with mentors that propel them through the school year ahead.

tomales bay kayaking
Thanks for all the trips that I’ve never had before, like going to the Giants game and kayaking!
— Amado, age 12

Home Away Summer Program also visits a variety of workplaces during Career Week, to broaden our students' understanding of potential careers they might aspire to. If you would like to host a Career Day visit, contact us.  

native plant restoration
office visit