Ben’s Story

Ben’s* family emigrated from Eritrea to San Francisco as political refugees. They spoke no English and were a family of seven, with five children. They found their way into Hamilton Emergency Shelter and eventually into Section 8 housing in a low-income neighborhood. Ben says that as early as middle school some of his neighborhood friends were pressuring him to join a gang, and that without Home Away he would likely be dead or in jail. After he joined Home Away in 6th grade because he was failing school, Ben lifted his grades from D's and F's to A's and B's. He says Home Away gave him not only the support he needed to do well in school, but exposure to the larger world and all its possibilities, taught him how to relate to people from different cultures, appreciate different food, and make and pursue healthy goals and good habits. In high school Ben devoted himself to school and soccer and was being recruited to play professionally until he injured his Achilles tendon. He is now enrolled in SF City College with plans to transfer to UCLA.

We are confident that Ben will realize his dreams. This is just one example out of the hundreds of lives A Home Away from Homelessness has impacted over the last twenty years. All of our students have experienced challenging life circumstances. Many have stories that seem unbelievable, unimaginable, but they are true. Through our support, these children develop the essential coping skills they need. They are thriving, they are resilient and they are heading towards success. Please support a better tomorrow for these youth with a year end donation today.

*Name altered to protect privacy